... narrowed neural foramen, ligamentum flavum hypertrtrophy, 9.3 degrees of levoscoliosis, disc desiccation with height loss, mild annular disc bulge, central herniated disc with effacement of thecal anterior thecal sac, annular broad based disc bulge, central protrusion of discs, another disc bulge with flattening of anterior thecal sac . . . on and on . . the list is pretty long. This leads me to my medications and concerns. I have been on hydrocone 10mg 4x daily for about 2 years, but recenlt had another disc rupture that has sent my pain soaring again. I was put on morhpine in the hospital to try to get it back under control, and after visiting my doctor last week, he put me on oxycodone 30mg 3x daily. This is working really well, as the pain was reduced significantly immediately after starting taking them, as the hydrocodone was offering no relief whatsoever. I was glad to be off the hydros anyway, for concern of taking so much of the acetaminophen that was in them . . . liver concerns. The problem, though, is that they are so strong, they make me vomit at times. I have now begun breaking them in half to help with this situation. I was wondering if maybe oxycontin wouldn't serve me better? After reading a little about oxycodone making me sick, it looks like oxycontin is a time release of the same drug, which I think would be better for me. I think that if I could take something like that, it could release maybe 5 to 10 mg per hour over a longer duration, so instead of 30 mg at a time, that works wonderfully for about 2 to 3 hours, 1 oxycontin might work just as well for the relief, but in fact give me less all at once and last for a much longer time. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced . .