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What medicine is giving to stop drinking alcohol?

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LaurieShay 9 Jun 2015

Depends on how you want to stop drinking and how much you consume regularly. There is a medication called antabuse which is taken with the understanding that if you drink alcohol while on it, you will get really ill. Otherwise, it is a matter of treating the withdrawal effects from stopping alcohol especially if consuming a lot regularly. If you are a heavy daily drinker, you may want to consider a detox center where you'll be monitored and medicated accordingly.

Delila 10 Jun 2015

Hi, as Laurie has said, there is Antabuse which can be used to maintain sobriety. You can not drink ANY alcohol whilst taking this, you can become severely unwell, there have actually been deaths attributed to this medication when people have drank on it,so you must be dedicated to your recovery. If you need to detox (to stop drinking) because you are dependent, you should do a controlled program through your doctor or drug and alcohol services - they will use either Librium or Diazepam during the 7-12 day process... Naltrexone can also be used to help maintain sobriety after detox, this will limit the amount of alcohol you can drink and the effects you get from the alcohol, it will cause side effects to make you feel unwell and/or have hangover symptoms the next day if you drink on it. It is also important to get Vitamin B strong complex and Thiamine prescribed to protect your brain and CNS from the drink.

Nattjenta 10 Jun 2015

Number one is you have to really want to stop drinking. If you drink in social activities, and all your friends drink, that encourages you to want to take part in the "fun." If members of your family are drinkers, that makes it easy for you to justify your drinking. So you would have to be committed to wanting to stop. If it's affecting your day to day life, if you have to call in sick to work, or you spend days with hangovers so bad that you can barely function, you need to realize that "hair of the dog" is not the answer.

Delila 11 Jun 2015

Hi, i want to thank you on behalf of the members of this site that can learn from your very personal account of living 'with' alcoholism. I think your story will open peoples eyes to this horrible addiction... i myself have experienced alcoholism throughout my life and know how very destructive it is

Nattjenta 11 Jun 2015

Delia, how nice of you to say this. Thank you. :) free discount card

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