I have asthma, back there in India I used to use "Duolin" inhaler of Cipla company. Now I have moved to Italy and I have brought one extra Duolin inhaler with me, but after this is finished, I will need to buy something else of the same composition:

"Levosulbutamol + ipratropium bromide"

I needed to know, will I need to see a doctor here and get a prescription to buy my inhaler or I can just go to a medicine shop and can buy it ? Please help ! And if possible also tell me any brand that is available in Italy with the composition same as that of Duolin of Cipla, that is:

Each actuation delivers Ipratropium Bromide IP equivalent to Ipratropium Bromide anhydrous ... 20 mcg,
Levosulbutamol Tartrate equivalent to Levosulbutamol ... 50 mcg,
suspended in propellant-227 ea ... q.s