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Which medicine would cure swollen tonsils?

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kaismama 30 May 2014

You need to see a dr. He will prescribe an antibiotic for you, probably in the penicillin family.

DzooBaby 30 May 2014

It depends on why they are swollen. If they are swollen due to infection, then you need an antibiotic. Some people just have very large tonsils and in this case, there is nothing to make them smaller. If they are swollen in response to a virus, the only thing you can do is salt water gargles (which are also good for bacterial infected tonsils as long as you take antibiotic too) Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. So it really depends on the source of the swelling. What is causing them to be enlarged. Once that is determined, the doctor can treat so get yourself to a Dr for a good diagnosis.first. free discount card

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