I have had severe tooth pain (root canal that really needs to be done, but so expensive I have not been able to afford to do anything) and have had several kidney and bladder infections since I have become pregnant. I have had to take alot of antibiotics and hydrocodone for the pain. I was curious of what I was taking, how much the baby is actually getting? I do not want my baby being addicted to pain meds when she is born and Im scared because of how many I have taken that she could possibly be. Even though the doctor has prescribed them to me I feel I have taken so many since Ive been pregnant that if I averaged it out I'd say, give or take a month or two, Ive steadily taken pain meds 4-5 times per day. I do not want my baby addicted and I am only a month away from my due date and still suffer from alot of pain. What should I do?