I'll try to be as specific as possible because this is something very troubling for me. I have BPD and severe PTSD. I have been on many medications as I have struggled with many different issues. For me when starting a new medication, thing thing most troubling to me is if I'm going to gain weight from it. I am a small girl weighing around 98lbs and 5 foot. I had an experience a few years back where I was told I was suffering depression and told to take some anti-D I don't remember which, but the doctor assured me it was something would not make me gain weight... I gained 20lbs in a month, on a normal healthy diet. Realizing it had to be the medication, and then the dr telling it it was indeed the medication, I stopped immediately and literally stopped eating until I was 95lbs and nearly in the hospital, I know it's not good, but I have other issues I didnt mention in the above that led me to such an extreme. And I started to have a stigma about medications now. I have developed possibly an irrational fear of new medications that may making me gain weight, so when a new doctor wants to switch my medication I flip. I have been told I need to add Abilify to my already lengthy list of medications, and I'm really worried about this one making me gain, cause I've heard terrible things. My diet right now... well I basically eat some chips or a few cookies or whatever doesn't make me sick because of my other medications. So basically I'm not really eating.

I currently take -
Ambien 5mg
lamotrogine 300mg
lorazepam or Xanax .05
toprimate 50mg

So will the Abilify at a does of 2mg make me gain weight? I have heard it makes you gain because you want to eat and eat, but my toprimate basically makes me lose my appetite all together. So what about gaining weight? Any medical advice? Or any user experience with Abilify?