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Medication - Zanaflex - does it need to build up over time or does it work right away?

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Inactive 11 Aug 2012

It may take 1 to 2 hrs. to start working.

Take care,


pamee 11 Aug 2012

Thank you my friend maso :-) may you have a blessed evening!

Inactive 11 Aug 2012

Good morning pamee, you are more than welcome, and have a great day.

pamee 14 Aug 2012

Maso- you always seem so chipper/upbeat.. thank you for your chipper comments! Have the bestest day!!

bumblebee90 11 Aug 2012

Hey girl. I take either Robaxin or Zanaflex. Well, I mean my dr. has prescribed one one month, and another one another month... so I am currently taking Zanaflex 4mg. I agree with Maso, however it has worked quicker for me sometimes. It doesn't need to build up over time though. It's a pretty good one, in my opinion, but everyone has their preferences. To me, Robaxan and Skelaxin works well too. Hope you are haveing a good weekend. Talk to you later. Ruthie

pamee 14 Aug 2012

Hello Ruthie! Good day to you! Thank you for the feedback. The Zanaflex doesn't work for me at all. The other two meds you mentioned, which one was the better med or are they eqaul? May you have a great day! ... pamee

bumblebee90 14 Aug 2012

That's very unusual. That Zanaflex did nothing for you. huh? But everyone is different. Both of the others work for me. Maybe Robaxin a little better... however the best one was Soma, but my current pain dr. won't prescribe it for me. All of my other doctor's did, and it completely took away my muscle spasm's. And their pretty bad. He said like alot of them do now... their too habit forming. Well I wasn't expecting a lifelong prescription of them. And alot of things can be habit forming. That comes with having chronic pain issues, and medical problems that require medication's that, yes, can be habit forming. I have my own personal opinion about that. People cannot help it, if they have chronic pain conditions and have to take pain medication, anxiety medications, and so forth. Let people who judge them walk a mile in a chronic pain patients shoes and see how their take is on it then. Sorry... didn't mean to go on there. I sent you an email. Did you get it? If not PQ me and give it to me again. Ruthie

pamee 15 Aug 2012

Good morning Ruthie!! Thank you!! I think the Zanaflex may have worked if my muscles were not so messed up. I took Soma many yrs ago and my PCP wouldn't give to me anymore for the same reason of it being habit forming, however, the Zanafex also can cause withdrawals and need to be tapered down. I may ask my PM dr. for Soma.
I believe the way you do about if someone is suffering from pain they should be able to take whatever medications are available and not worry about being dependent on them, but only if the doctors let them know what is ahead of them if they ever decide to stop the habit forming meds. Unfortunately doctors don't always tell the patient about long term use and how it feels to w/d from some meds. Like the benzo's even when you taper you still go through uncomfortable w/d. Now you got me going on this subject!! lol I will end it enuff enuff lol.

bumblebee90 15 Aug 2012

If you don't mind PQ me again and give it to me again. I put a 1 on the end. Give it to me again and I will try again. Luvs and hugs, ruthie free discount card

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