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What other medication works best with potiga if it doesnt control my sons seizures by itself?

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HeadStarter 25 Aug 2012

Hello sndy - Welcome to the site and hope you are getting used to the community. I am sorry no one else has seen your question. This is a question best left to your son's doctor. Potiga isn't used to control seizures... it is used to compliment another medication that has been prescribed as the primary means but Potiga is a secondary medication for better. Potiga is considered an "add-on" medication and not a primary med for seizure control. However, this medication isn't approved for children - only adults. Are you in Europe? This is a fairly new medication and think it has only just been approved in U.S. but I am not positive. I want to make sure you are aware that this medication has some very serious side effects. Among them and quite serious are: suicidal thoughts, urinary retention, painful urination, slow stream urinating, hallucinations (usually resolve but still serious side effect). Some research is needed here but at the very least... contact your doctor and see what the treatment plan is, okay??? We are here for you so please get back to me after you talk with his doctor. I will help you as much as I can and others here as well. Be well and take good care. I hope your son's condition is under control soon... and that he has a healthy, happy, youthful life.



HeadStarter 25 Aug 2012

I forgot to add here that in the future when posting questions, it is better to post them as "conversational" so that we can interact with you. Posting as "direct" allows for only 1 reply per person. I know you didn't know that but you make that selection just before you hit the "submit" button...

Be well and take good care. I do hope I have helped you some, too.

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