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Medication - what kind of mouthwash would I use to stop the pain from these bisters on my tongue?

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Inactive 11 Sep 2011

There is a mouth rinse called Biotene that is available at all mass retail stores and pharmacies and it does not contain alcohol, it has natural mouth enzymes and works really well to heal most mouth irritations. It was designed to help the mouth sores that chemo patients got and it truly helped me, it is about $6 at most places, it is worth spending $6 to get some relief. Patti

merc60 12 Sep 2011

ive got to agree w/pattishan61- non-alcohol type of mouth wash. ive been told by my D-hygenists that the N.A. will stain the teeth but my dentists ays use it!, lol so i was rotaiting with both types - untill that is i found a clear N.A. :^/ best of luck ed

litlmommag 11 Sep 2011

Patti great advise sorry for the suffering yu both have had I really don't have more info to add wish I did bt patti has gt this one habds down good luck don't use ambesol or oragel though it deffinately seems to aggervate more I have found childrens liquid tylenl or motrin to be very affective to relieve pain on muth blisters though instantly doesn't take much use a dropper squirt on try it good luck free discount card

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