this is specifically for people with anxiety disorders... Some serious, cronic forms of anxiety actually cause brain damage and this is no way to live. I personally believe people should try cognitive behavioral therapy and/or pychotherapy before taking any type of meds -this is comeing from some one who is going (not wanting to but GOING) to get his doctorate in psychiatry-. I think that people should do this because it has the highest chance of recovery and is suposed to be the prerequasit before medications (for people who actually know about psychology and psychiatry you should be trying to speak with the opposit form of therapy if the pt. lets you). there is no reason for people to think the placibo effect should be working since medications tend to cause a large amount of distress in people more so than they help (50% of people need medication AND therapy inorder to overcome their mental disorders) so trying psychology first is the best thing you can do. I get nothing from this so i will give you all this hoping you try therapy before medication.