Today, my doctor switched me from the Opana 20 mg x2qd er and Opana 10mg q6hours ir that I was taking to Embeda ER 20mg/.8mg x2qd and it not doing anything for the pain that I am experiencing but was working just fine for the pain I already had. I started having low back pain out of the blue, no injury, I saw the PA in my pain management docs office after a trip at midnight to an ER and he wanted to do an MRI because he said that an "out of the blue" new symptom and the amount of pain that it is causing he wanted to rule out more major things like a blown disc or something and then he went to talk to the Doc that was there and he made him just change my medication, cancel MRI refferal, and just schedule me for injections to prepare for nerve ablations on L3, L4, SI both right and left when I am only having pain on the left side not the right in my lower back. I haven't slept in days and I am so exhausted, have taken every sleeping medication that I have and still yet no sleep ,(mind the time of this post). I really want to call my primary later today and ask him if he will do a STAT refferal for a lumbar and SI MRI. My insurance is fantastic and they pay him $20,000.00 a nerve for the ablation. I am already getting ready to repeat my neck ablation since it has been a year and it has worn off. The ER diagnosed it as Sarcoilitis and said it might pass in a few days maybe even up to a week since I can't take NSAIDS. I brought all the paperwork from the ER to the appointment and it seems like they ingnored it, not saying the ER is always the greatest at diagnosing things, but I think a wait a see approach should be used at least for the next week or so and do some testing to make sure that something isn't really wrong and in the meantime just treat the symptoms. It's hard to sit down, lay down, the only position that minimizes the pain oddly enough is just standing still or pacing. He also gave me trigger point injections today a total of 6 all together. I guess I am just looking for advice and to see if what I think, as a CNA, that my judgement sound? I desperately want this pain to go away, but I don't want to rush in to anything if it is an unneccesary procedure with out any real conformation that it may solve the problem and that it isn't something more serious. I could be nothing but I would rather be over cautious than just dismiss it. I don't like to complain, because I know that there are people way worse off than I am, but this pain is making it impossible to function and do daily things. Anyway, sorry for the babbling, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.