I am taking Lovaza due to my Hyperlipidemia (@900-1000). After 4 months, my panels came back showing a triglyceride count of 236!!! Awesome, right? However, the high amount of fat in my blood was/is causing me to have non-alcoholic fatty liver. Then, I read that the "disease" side effect for Lovaza is Luver Disease... Please, please tell me what I am missing. My ALT & AST levels have also dropped, so how can this possibly be an issue?
*BTW, I have a million more questions about other meds/conditions not having to do with the liver as well. I just really needed to hear the answer to this one first...
Thank you SO much for your time. It really means a lot that you guys are out there willing to listen (for free no less). This is much appreciated!
~BJ Duck, 34yo SWM