... + daily for 5 years due to a spinal injury. So sick of feeling the Oxy rollercoaster that I decided to quit opioid treatment w/a "quick" suboxone taper, using 2mg strips. I took 8 strips (16mg) for the first 2 days, then 4 strips (8mg) for the next 2 days, went to 2 strips (4mg) for 2 days, then 1 strip (2mg)/2 days, 1/2 strip ((1mg)/2 days, then to 1/4 strip (.5mg)/2 days & then did a day off & a final 1/4 strip to complete the taper. 17 day total detox. Mild to no w/drawl. I took B6 vitamin, L-Lysine & wide spectrum vitamin in the morning. Over the counter sleep aide at night. Lots of fluids. If you're suffering w/pain ask your doctor about Sprix. Brand new non-narcotic pain reliever. It's a nasal spray that works instantly. If I can do this you can too! You have to really want to be off the meds & tolerate some discomfort, but it will work. Best of luck!