Hi yall, there seem to be some pretty good advice out there on different medications. This is my question, i have been on geodon, for about a year and three months, or longer, i'm trying to come off it. I was taking it at it's fullest 160 mg. at bedtime. Now i'm down to taking 40mg. At bedtime as to anyone taking it, do you build up a tolerence to it , if you are trying to ween of of it. Also I want to try seroquel Because it helps with sleep like geodon. But anyone using seroquel i heard it helps some with anxiety which i do have.Is this true. Also one more thing i know it is a typical anti psychotic. But what i would like to know, does the prescription information or the iformation sheet, That comes with the medication ,say something like This is a atypical ani psychotic For emotional and mood disorders, i find that i am like a zombie on those kinds of medication.I thank yall for any advice.Also if so can you all direct me some medication that would help me with sleep, and a little anxiety. Also my diagnosis is schizo-affective, I yould like to tell everyone do not take thorazine, that medication is horrible. I was on geodon 160 mg. then i to my doctor to take me off geodon and put me on thorazine.Foolish move.What happened was that i was weighing 210 pds. on the geodon, but on the thorazine i weighed 250 pds. I came of the thorazine, started eating healthy and lost 20 pds. That's it i still eat healthy, and workout three times a week.But the weight doesn't budge from that. I've tried apple cider viegar capsules, to reduce appetite, doesn't work. green tea no.Pure green coffee beans, tried it shortly, it does not do the trick. Has any body got any advice i can get rid of these last 20 pds. If not my other alternative would be taking these like gastro bypass pills. That makes your stomach fuller.Or the final thing do surgery. To have the fat cut away.Thank you all, for any needed advice.