Hello. I have a very bad right leg/knee, its stiff and weak. I was born with bad knee... (I think its called Luxating Patella... its when the kneecap slips out of its normal position). My knee has gotten a LOT worser now, it has been in a terrible condition for 1 year... its so bad that it became very discomfortable / scary for me to sit/stand up from chair etc, because I have hurt my knee so many times from simply sitting / standing up. .so now I always feel stressed/scared/anxious if I try to sit, I tense up (including my bad knee/leg... i guess my muscles... I tense up without doing it on purpose.) The fear I feel is too strong so mostly I can't sit at all, and when I can sit its only for a few seconds. On the mornings I feel slightly more relaxed/not as stressed; but later on ,during the day /afternoon/evening/night I feel worse. My question is, is there any medication that help me feel less anxious because of my knee ? and something that helps me relax(both mentally and body/muscles?) something that makes my body not as tensed... muscle relaxing I guess? So that its not as scary for me to sit/stand up.

Thank you beforehand :)