I have been on clonazepam for 3yrs now, combined with abilify and Zoloft, to help with anxiety, panic disorder and depression. I was happy with what I was taking. Unfortunately, my sweet sweet dr passed away. I am now with a new dr who seems to believe that I do not need the clonazepam. She has changed all of my medications including what I take and the dose. I went from having 3 AS NEEDED, 1mg tablets of clonazepam to .5 1-2x daily. My body went through withdrawals and the anxiety became worse. Of course I always used to have quite a bit left over with my old doctor but I always run out with my new doctor. She simply makes me feel like I'm an abuser and take advantage however I've been dealing with these issues since 2001, shortly after my brother and fathers passing. How can I stick to my old medications and where can I find them if she won't help me?