... been getting a regular prescription for Oxycodone 80 mg slow release.Well, I have been extremely idiotic and have run out a week early. It has been 12 hours since my last and final pill and I am now starting to feel extremely ill and afraid.I need some support please and will be happy to get any advice as to how to get through this horrific time.I get the pills due to really bad chronic back and leg pain by the way. My Doc will not give me anymore pills until the week is up and they are due.my pain levels are rising very quickly but the worst thing is the fear and feelings of panic and anxiety.I am so afraid .I feel i want to die it is so bad.Cant sleep or eat.Cant keep still and I keep crying.I have a small amount of codeine phosphate 30 mg tablets.Will they help? Or shall i not take them? I am so afraid .I honestly do not think I can get through this