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What medication is used for persons with aspergers and ocd?

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kaismama 27 Jan 2013

Zoloft and paxil for ocd, although its usually what works for the person with it. Any meds for asbergers would be symptomatic.

Inactive 28 Jan 2013

Hello minicooper1. Aside from the two previously mentoned I would add that one of the older drugs and very successfull in the treatment of OCD is Anafranil. Regards pledge

aspies5683 29 Mar 2015

Seroquel is the only medication that I myself have taken for Asperger's Syndrome, but I will say that it has worked wonders for me at times. Other times (part of its Side Effects) is pretty heavy sleeping schedule, along with something new that I just found out tonight. Weight gain. Nonetheless I would say that Seroquel may very well be worth the try at least.

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