I'm 18 and I started having major panic attacks when I was 16. They got so bad that I had to be put into homeschool and I couldn't be alone because I feared what would happen if I had a panic attack with no one to help me. I started taking lexapro with buspar. I started with a really low dosage of 5mg for lexapro and 2.5 for buspar. Every couple of months I would go up another 2.5 on the lexapro. I started feeling so much better and doing things I thought I would never be able to do again. But a month ago I started having random depression. I felt so sad and I didnt even want to get out of bed. By this time I was taking 12.5 mg lexapro and 5 mg buspar. I was told to go up to 15 mg on the lexapro but that didnt work much, so the doctor said she wanted me to go to 20 mg of lexapro. I know my body and If I add the 5 mg right away I will get weird side effects, so I went up to 17.5 mg and I've been on it for almost 2 weeks now, But out of the blue I keep having these weird like zaps through my body almost as if it was an electric shock, they mostly happen at night. I also am getting random feelings of panic for no reason and am forced to take klonapin to calm myself down. Considering I'm an anxious person this started to freak me out. I don't know whats wrong and why I'm feeling those shocks and panic moments. Also I'm still taking the 5mg of Buspar with the Lexapro. Is the medicine not working anymore? Or Do I need to increase my dosage again so soon? Or Is the Buspar affecting the Lexapro? I'm getting worried. Thank you so much!