Hello again
I have had mono symptoms since November of 2011, and the acute infection is gone. A recent blood test says it's out of my system, I am only feeling the after effects. Mono, for me, presented with daily headaches and fatigue and eventually got worse. The headaches have had 2 different longer expanses of excruciating pain that would come in waves and then the bad pain would subside to a low-grade headache. In the beginning, I took advil but that ended up rotting my stomach lining so my only choice is tylenol.

I cant tell if I am having rebound headaches or not. They are not worsening right now, only improving. I have some headache-free or mostly headache-free days now, and when the medication wears off it either is gone completely or comes back low-grade. Tylenol hasn't proved to be too effective for relieving the pain either but it does take the edge off some times.

I have had a complete, thorough medical workup- countless blood tests, neurological examinations, a CT scan, EEG, ECG, trips to specialists and doctors, urine tests, and I have a completely clean bill of health. The doctors called my blood work "pristine" and every single possible examination came up totally clear.

Basically what I want to know is- is it possible to get rebound headaches if I have no underlying headache disorder, simply mononucleosis? Can I keep taking pain relievers or must I stop?

Thank you