What medication has the least side effects?

I am 26 years old and got married a couple of weeks ago! I've had 2 major seizures ever (May 2010 and June 2012) and so they said that means I have epilepsy. (I was taken to ER both times.) My husband thinks that I may have had a few other small ones, but we don't know. The first of this was 3 years after my 2nd auditory neuroma tumor was removed and I received my Auditory Brainstem Implant. I've tried several drugs and it seems that my body has a low tolerance to any of the side effects! I love my energy and I need it! I balled up in tears, a few months ago, as I managed to explain to my doctor that when I had taken the original dose of 200mg of vimpat, I had self-lowered it after less than a week, due to depressive feelings, suicidal thoughts (never before) as I told him that I recalled thinking "how easy it would be to go stand on the train tracks" ... ever since then, I've basically been terrified of the medication, but seem to feel okay at 25mg (I'm supposed to be taking at least 75). I try to take it consistently, but end up missing a dose a couple of times per a week. I do not have functioning balance nerves, but am very athletic, so a medication screwing around with that is not cool. Last year, I had my car taken from me (by my dad) for 6 months, but I have it back now, on the condition of taking my medication. I have a follow-up with my doctor next week and he needs to fill out a form for the DMV. I know he won't okay me driving if I'm not taking my medication, as instructed.

We believe that stress highers my likelihood for a seizure, so I try to do my best to keep low stress.

I tried taking lamotrigine for a little while and I don't really remember if I just gave up on it too quickly, or what exactly happened. My sister-in-law suggested I give it another try.

I've also tried tegretol and keppra.

... any advice, please? Thank you!