... name of the medication I took a few years ago I ended up saying that I had been given valium and it worked really well. That is not the medication I was trying to refer to. Valium is primarily for anxiety which I already have, it is a benzo and I take Klonopin for that only when needed. I took the valium thinking it would help since it was a different medication but it worked just as the klonopin, all it did was relieve my anxiety. What I was trying to let the doc know was that I had been given Ambien and it was the only thing thus far that has gotten me to sleep and kept me asleep. I've never experienced any sleep walking like others say that have on this medication. I will be seeing the doctor soon in 2 days so other than Ambien what else is there that may be able to help. As a said so far nothing but has helped... please advise. And thank you!