... surgery it worked great i weighed 360 and 6 months later i was down to 185 which ive manged to stay at till now anyway it had its bad side to its sitting on a nerve ending and has messed up my hip so 5 months i was put on 10/325 of perocets still didnt control the pain so they added 20mg of oxycontin a day so all together it was 20mg of oxy and 20 mg of perocets i never went over what i was suppose to take do to lap bad i did have to break the perocet in half other wise it would get stuck and i would throw up so i stopped cold turkey off the oxys 6 days ago and am tampering off the perocets ill be off in 13 days i had really bad w/ds all the regular ones yesterday i went to my doctor because i feel ao sad all the time and aniexty is driving me nuts he gave me lexapro and vistaril dismorning i woke up after barely any sleep with my heart racing i just want to know when this is goin to stop and why im withdrawling from such a low dose any1 please help