Hi group!
I'm hoping someone in our group can help me. Does anyone know of an anti-depressant that will elp OCD, Anxiety and sometimes bouts of depression that has little or no side effects but is effective? I'm on Zoloft but I think I'm going to have to stop taking it due to severe side effects after 3 weeks. I've heard Paxil or Prozac is pretty good. These side effects like runs, severe headaches, constant nausea, no appetite are wearing me down after 3 weeks but I don't know what to ask for when I see my Doctor again on the 31st. Would appreciate any help you can give me. I started with 25mg. of zoloft for 7 days, then went to 50mg and as soon as I went to 50mg. the headaches stopped but the runs, and severe nausea isn't stopping even with pills for the nausea. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.