I was initially put on celexa for anxiety symptoms: trouble focusing, randoms bouts of crying, I couldn't let go of troubling thoughts (particularly fears regarding my relationship). It was working great. Orgasms weren't as easy to achieve but my sex drive seemed normal enough. I could let troubling ideas and emotions go. I was much happier.

I moved and had to change doctors. I told her I was trying to quit smoking and lose weight so she suggested Wellbutrin sr (bupropion).

At first I felt fine. But then the rage started and all the previous anxiety symptoms came back full force. I'm so nervous and upset that I'm smoking more. And here's the worst part... Because of all the anxiety coming back and the fears associated with my relationship I no longer get aroused. In fact the very thought of sex just sounds so unappealing that I panic even more.

I've called my doctor, an er on-call doctor, and two nurses and all they say is, "Give it time." I've been on it for a little over a month now. The sexual numbness started last week.

I feel like no body is listening to me and I feel like I'm crazy because everyone on forums and websites says wellbutrin increased their sex drive and it's killed mine.

What can I do? I'm desperate and terrified