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What medication does the doctor give you when tramadol no longer works?

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kaismama 10 Jun 2013

There are many things that could be taken, with the current politics the question is will a dr prescribe them. How much tramadol are you taking a day? Maybe it could be increased.

hankmac 10 Jun 2013

For treatment of fibro my doc gave me Tylenol-3 and then Tylenol 4 (codeine-based) after Tramadol stopped working. I still take Ty 4 and when I get a bad flare then I take Percocet for 2 - 4 days until it subsides. My doc feels that the best thing to do is break the pain cycle ASAP with Percocet. Sometimes I don't even need Ty 3 or 4 so it varies but I have a good "arsenal" from which to choose. I have been off Tramadol for about 8 months so am going to try it again. My doc suggests that sometimes a "rest" from a certain drug is good and will make it work again. Worth a try and Tramadol is not a controlled substance (at least not yet) so that's good too. I actually found that when it worked that Tramadol was better for pain that codeine without certain side effects of codeine. I don't know what kind of pain you have or what it is caused by but for me Lidoderm patches can be very helpful too. Hank

Delila 11 Jun 2013

Hi, you might be prescribed Dihydrocodeine, or Diclofenac? I have taken both, & found them very effective. You will need to wean yourself off the Tramadol if you discontinue them. Have a discussion with you doctor about the next step to take.

gcristel 17 Jun 2013

I take 400 mg of Neurontin 4 times daily. free discount card

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