As per my medication list can you let me know which one and or combo of meds can cause this severe reaction I'm having. I have a severe dry mouth with severe mucus build up in the back of my throat. It makes me constantly sniff my dry nose to clear the mucus buildup but just creates more mucus to get stuck in the upper back of my throat which is impossible to clear and get rid of and causes diffuculty with swalling it and clearing it due to the dry mouth and not being able to clear the mucus buildup I can't even get it to loosen up and spit out its just a constant lump of mucus stuck there causing even more anxiety and making me very uncomfortable and also causing a cough with smoking making the symptoms worse. I've tried using robitusion multi symptom to help clear the mucus without any help, I tried gargling biotine to moisture my mouth along with gargling salt water which helps only for a little bit. Sucking on candies and using ocean nasal spray with no relief. And drinking alot of water. Please if you can help me figure this out I'd really appreciate your help. I'd like to avoid bringing it up to my doctors cause this happened before and it was caused by a drug interaction but after asking several doctors they didn't have any answers to figure out which ones were causing it and I don't want to have to go through that diffucult situation again. Please keep this anonymous and help me figure it out any way you can. Thank you