I have been a diabetic 2 for a few years and have been given various medication with metformin also mixed with other forms tablets . I have had a severe reaction to all types of metformin drugs with violent sickness bouts an very severe painful stomach cramps I have been given in place Bydureon week injection ,I am terrified to use this because of my allergic reaction to a lots of medication for type 2 diabetes .Can anyone look into the drug and tell me if it is safe to use as I have read a few reviews and it is good for some but not sure if its for me as people who have used Bydureon has itchy lumps sickness and feeling very unwell .I was told by the diabetic nurse at my doctors surgery to stay calm lay down don't panic if I feel lousy as it will pass but I not to sure if I want to do this .
Please can you me and advise as I'm afraid to start this because of the above .
Thank you Linda