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What medication is best for depression and pain without causing weight gain?

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Inactive 19 Jan 2014

I am taking generic Effexor... is supposd to help with pain and not cause weight gain

kailamarie 19 Jan 2014

i took effexor generic and had to quit it bc it caused join pain and swelling.

kaw06 19 Jan 2014

Cymbalta works on pain and depression

kaw06 19 Jan 2014

It worked very well on both, and I didn't gain a pound. Everyone reacts differently however,. But it's worth a try.

firewolf3251 19 Jan 2014

it work's good on pain, but i gained weight and affected my sex life and not for the better.

kaw06 19 Jan 2014

Oh, the sexual side affects! I completely forgot about that. seems I had them as well:^(

WildcatVet 19 Jan 2014

Hi, kaila! Side effects! Luckily I've never had them, except weight gain on Zyprexa.
There's no one drug that *statistically* fits your needs.
Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Effexor are least apt to cause weight gain.
Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Celexa are least apt to cause sexual dysfunction.
Cymbalta, Effexor are most effective for pain.
BUT, everyone reacts differently to every medication. One that's notorious for it's side effects might work like a charm for you.
I know (seriously!!) how frustrating it is to try one medication after another, but it's the nature of the beast. Try to stick with it and work closely with your doctor; eventually most people DO find what works best, and that may mean taking a cocktail. Instead of one medication for everything we treat symptoms separately with different medications.

sara12345 20 Jan 2014

Yes Effexor affected my sex drive, but the upgraded version, Pristiq, restored it completely.

WildcatVet 20 Jan 2014

Giid to know, sara. Thank you! free discount card

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