My psych switched me from Xanax to Ativan in January to help with newly recurring panic episodes. We also decided to switch from Effexor to Lexapro this past week which I titrated down fairly slowly. My Ativan dose has been 0.5mg in a.m. and mid afternoon, then 1mg at night forover 2 mos. I've been doing better so for the past few days have not taken the 2 daytime doses - just the one at night. Earlier this evening tho, I had a bout of diarrhea after dinner as we were heading to a movie. About 45 mins into the show I started feeling very anxious so we had to leave! (We were able to get a refund) but on the way home I began horrible body shaking and tremors so bad my teeth were chattering and I wasnt even cold! I immediately took 1mg of the Ativan and my nightly Atenolol 25mg. It took over 2 hrs for me to start feeling any relief and quit shaking! Could this have happened just because I deleted the daily doses of Ativan for a few days?