Im on amitriptyline 10mg and dr prescribed me paroxetine 20mg to take for anxiety and I took it for 2 days these 2 days I didnt want to move out of bed it cured my anxiety but only because I felt so tired I have a 2 year old daughter and so I cannot be knocked out like that on the day therefore I am not taking them I couldnt presevere through it as I literally had no energy at all which is not like me im used to being tired but this was exhaustion not tiredness. So ive done some research and it seems I cannot take a lot with amitriptyline as theres a risk of serotonin syndrome and as I suffer from health anxiety a lot worse than normal anxiety obviously im worried about this and feel theres no help for me and im going to feel like this forever . I want to be the old me ... im not depressed bit im constantly worrying and its ridiculous its going to ruin my life and I dont want to let it. Please help me