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Has Medicare approved Harvoni for Hepitatis C?

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kaismama 21 Jan 2015

You'll have to call your part D carrier and ask. Generally no insurance wants to pay for a combo drug that costs as much as a house. You have some options, if you go to the harvoni web site you can apply for help.

Steven F 21 Jan 2015

Try wrestling with Blue Shield, I have approved funding for medication but need to know if Harvoni is on the formulary

kaismama 21 Jan 2015

They should be able to tell you that. When I was looking to change my part D, I looked at blue cross, was going for an advantage plan. In the book my pain dr was a member. And we only have about 2 pain drs in a 20 mile radius here, so it was important. I called and after being on hold for a while, when they're trying to sell insurance, then they told me he wasn't a member, so even when you have it in writting you get an attitude and idiocy, I know.

Ellen Emily 21 Jan 2015

I have Medicare Part D. My prescription for Harvoni was approved by my prescription plan, and I am on my 2nd week of medication now.

babeboomer 24 Sep 2016

If I am approved by the part D plan, but have to pay 33% co pay? how can I get help to pay that? I do not know how much it is as yet but am guessing it is $344 per day!

jmsa715 6 Jan 2017

This question is directed to Ellen Emily. Please tell me the name of your part D insurance company, the name of that companies plan, and what state do you live in.

Brian of NC 22 Jan 2015

my doctor take care of everything, I didn't do a thing, the only thing I had to do was talk to the drug company, to verify my name,address,etc: No cost at all

jmsa715 6 Jan 2017

Do you have Medicare Plan D and if so what is the name of your insurance company and which specific plan do you have. free discount card

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