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Would this medican help with tooth pain?

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bigjoethomas 4 Apr 2014

Hard to answer your question when you didn't list the medication. bit I've had quite a bit of experience with toothaches. some of the best relief I've gotten for toothache's has been from aspirin. I would actually hold the tablet on my tooth and let it dissolve . orajel was my best friend as well. a few time for you is, always drink with a straw to divert cold beverages from coming in direct contact with the tooth. and avoid sugar and candy like the plague. if you have exposed pulp on your tooth and you eat a candybar the result will be absolute torture and of won't go away quick. hope that helps

Kawasakizx14 5 Apr 2014

Hurricane Gel can be bought at a Pharmacy and is the same Gel used by dentist to numb your gums before a shot, it works wonders.

But don't let it go on too long, I have had a tooth abscess and once it starts it can get out of control quickly, not to mention I have seen more than one person whom has died from an abscessed tooth. free discount card

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