My mom has been in and out of the hospital and mental facilities for the past month. Still no diagnosis of what she has and I am so confused. She has been disoriented/delirious and was having some auditory hallucinations. She is 51 with no psychiatric past and there is no history of it in her family, she literally just changed from one day to the other. My gut feeling is that its medical but they have done a MRI, cat scan, EEG, EKG, and blood work done and still no answers. She was first put on risperdal which made her very spaced out with no results so they changed her to seroquel then zyprexa and still no response to medication (she was given haldol twice to calm her down because she had bad anxiety) nothing has worked. Psych doc thinks its medical because of her age and she has no history of it and also because the meds dont seem to be helping but then medical doctor has cleared her because all the tests they ran came out positive ( there was a little seizure activity found in the EEG) and was given keppra. They are now releasing her from the hospital with no diagnosis or answers. Im not sure what to do from here, i would love to hear stories of people in similar situations.

Thank you
A very stressed concerned daughter :(