I am a 32yr old male who lives with sickle cell anemia. I have had the same and only doctor for 10yrs. He started prescribing me oxycontin 80mg when it just came out. After years of taking this medication he was prescribing me 9 oxycontins a day and 300 roxycodones for the month which he says was for break thru pain on top of that he prescribed 30 Xanax for the month and promethazine with codin (im sure I misspelled that one). Obviously I became very dependent on these medications. In the back of my head I always knew this was a lot of medication but by that time I was already hooked. My doctor finally decided he didn't want to prescribe any more pain medication to any patients and wanted to change fields which left me and many others scrambling to look for a new doctor. I am proud to say today is 4 days clean. Yes I know many of you are probably thinking 4days, but to me its a tremendous start I can only take one day at a time. I remember going into my doctors office many times in tears telling my doctor that these medications are changing me and destroying my life but not once did he try to help me get off the medication or come up with different solutions. He told me that I will be on pain medication my entire life. I trusted that he knew what he was doing. I thank God. Everyday that my wife or kids never found me dead. My question is im considering suing him for medical negligence. I was also hospitalized many times at which he would prescribe the same meds I took are home and than included demirol or morphine which caused me to have seizures and even worse I missed the birth of my first child because I was in a coma from the morphine. I think that this doctor should be held responsible for over prescribing weather I get money from this settlement or not I don't want this to happen to somebody else I don't want them to have to go through what me and most of all my family went through. Has anyone went through a similar situation or can someone tell me if I have a case against this doctor or give me a good attorneys name who has delt with the same circumstances? I take full responsibility for my part the addition to the medication had control over me. Please if anyone is out there I need some advice. Also my doctor only wanted me to go to one particular pharmacy which I found out this morning is under investigation. I stopped going there though when I realized enough was enough and my life and my family were more important than the drug. I need advice please help and thanks for reading my story.