I've been taking Methadone at a low dose for 2 year's and 4 months. I don't have pain of any kind. I had bulimia since I was 16 and then at 25 just switched addiction over night after moving to Fl from upstate NY where pain meds are real bad down here.
I've tried to come off before at home but the insomnia, depression and just general lack of motivation kept me using after a good month off.
Tomorrow I'm going into a 7 day medical detox... will they help with medications for sleep and depression?
Also even before the drug use I've been on disability for depression and bulimia.
But the black hole after Methadone is the lowest of the low.
I also take Xanax 1mg 3xdaily and another benzo for sleep called tamazapam (sp?).
I'm not addicted to the Xanax... I finish it in a week and use it just to make the high from Methadone better.
I just wanna stop all this crap... I'm so sick of being sick!
Please tell me there's a light at the end of this tunnel!
I have a 5 year old daughter I need to be up and going for.
She will be staying with my parents during the 7 day detox.
I do not have money for rehab after but maybe this place will do something I could just go to a few day's a week during the day after.
And I plan to attend NA meetings.
I do not have the money for Suboxone nor do I want to become addicted to another pill.
I tried it off the street and after five day's I stopped and felt just as bad.
I read you have to stop slower but that's just like with Methadone.
I know there's no magic pill but what can I ask for that's not a benzo (Xanax, etc.) because they won't give that for sleep.
They won't give anything habit forming I don't think.
And what's a good antidepressant that I could start that won't contribute to the insomnia (like I hear Zoloft will)?
Thank you in advance for any advice!
And if ur in the same boat I feel for ya... hang in there!