I have been on Clonazepam and Risperidone since early in my treatments but recently my doctor lowered the dosage of risperidone while increasing those of Clonazepam. Ever since then I have been very sensitive and irritable, worsening my delusional toughts to the point of having an "episode". This episode was subdued when i took an extra dosage of Risperidone, altought the effects werent aparent inmediatelly. I know now that my family was said explicity that i take a dosage of Risperidone whenever my episodes resurfaced, so im a little bit clueless as what is my condition specifically is, as in, one of the personalities disorders i was told i could have, or schizophrenia, as the symptons match what I experience almost all the time even to the loss of short term memory problems or getting stuck in simple problems.