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Will Medicaid of Texas pay for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for depression?

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kaismama 29 Aug 2015

You have to call them and ask.

maplenook 4 Sep 2015

No. They will not.

shapoopie87 11 Sep 2015

When I got mine, medicaid did not pay for it. I ended up buying it anyway and it is a godsend. It virtually cured my insomnia and cut my depression and anxiety in half. I've been using it for a few years now and never go on trips without it. It sucks that medicaid didn't pay for it, but maybe if your doctor writes a letter of medical necessity you can appeal the decision. Sometimes, when they realize you are not going to accept their determination, they change it!
Good luck to you!

GranG 11 Sep 2015

You might like to know Medicare does not pay for it either. However if you are on Medicare, they will give you a discount. I got the discount and paid for it myself. It has been well worth every penny I spent on it. I used it for anxiety and depression. I also have learned to use EFT, and between the two therapies, I have not had any recurrence since I started with it. It also seems to help me sleep better. And at times when I have had pain, like in a trigger point I have put it on that and it reduced the pain. I also tried putting it on my abdomen for digestive issues and it seems to stimulate quicker passage in the digestive tract. But they don't advertise that it does that--that is just my own observation. I have had mine for I'm thinking 9 months, and I use it regularly. I have also had my husband use it for pain, and now when he has pain, he goes and gets it.

fisherwall 11 Sep 2015

A friend of mine tried going through Medicaid and was unable to get reimbursed but I agree with the previous poster that Medicare does give a discount. I've been using my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about 6 months now and have found that it really helps relieve my anxiety when used twice daily as directed. It was slow going at first and I didn't feel much improvement until the 2-3 week point; however, now I'm at the point where I only use it on an as needed basis and it remains effective. I was very on the fence about trying this product because of the cost but I took a chance because of their money back guarantee and am thrilled that I didn't need to return it. This product works!! free discount card

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