Bipolar since 2008 put on Zoloft 50mg/d increase over a period till 2012 up to 200mg/d:Serequel 75mg/d since 2008 to October 2011,reason I became hyperglysm(eyesight deteriorated) surgarlevel 22(South African)at that stage!I was diagnose with Diabetes2!on a previous occasion I ask th psyc to look into serequeol coz I had this urge to scratch me!iv develop ich on my forehead hairline!seems it was started t b infected th hairfolicals!did my research got th shock of my life!I was put on metformin which eventually contribute t my Neuropothy!my right leg was ice cold only after th 3rd dr they notice th neuroph,took me off metforman serequel ,only now March 2013 levels r satisfied 6,but hv no hair on my hairline on my forehead and still irritating!still scratch!I'm on Newrontin since Oct 2012!