My 12 year old son was diagnosed with bipolar yesterday. He started taking Abilify 2 mg this morning at 6:30 am with his loratadine and vitamin. He's slept off an on all day, when awake he was always wanting to eat like he was starving. He was happy but bouncy. He also takes 40 mg Prozac at night for depression plus 50 mg diphenhydramine to sleep and a multivitamin. His vitamins are children gummy ones for his age he has to take two. He had been receiving Concerta 54 mg for ADHD up until a week ago when his behaviors at school got worse. Talking back to teachers and bus driver. He was suspended for spit wads. his grades are failing and the concerta was not working. All day while awake he kept saying I love you mom over an over and bouncing his legs or feet but yawning like he was tired. Up moving around looking for things to get into etc. is this to much meds to be taking for his age. The sleeping all day today alone has made me concerned and the increase in hunger. This was his first day with Abilify. I called dr left a message never got a return call. What do I do as his mom to help him? I'm scared its to much meds. Help please I think he is confused in his mind and can't express what is going on with his body. Is this to much medication for a 12 year old to take?