I have retroperitoneal fibrosis on my kidneys, ureter and encasing my aorta. I take a maintenance dose of prednisone. I have tried narcotics. I have very high inflammation markers and that part of my back is always burning. It also limits my physical mobility. I can't sit up for longer than three hours most days, I take gabopentin and have tried several narcotics but that does not help the inflammation. I only have one working kidney now. My back is burning with pain and I put cold therapy on it for hours just to help me sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions. Retroperitoneal fibrosis they think is an immune disorder. I have also had rituxan infusions, an immune suppressant, for the past three years. How else can I lower my inflammation? Is there any type of anti immflamation medication that is not processed in the kidney or maybe not all of it is processed in the kidney. I am just thinking out loud looking for new suggestions.