I'm wondering. My house was robbed a few weeks ago. I was installing a camera when I climbed a ladder too high-straightened up and cracked my head pretty hard on an over hang. If I had a concussion, it was masked by fever, coughing, runny nose like a little kid, and diarrhea, because we all came down with the flu. When my nose stopped running and the diarrhea stopped, I went back to my current project- building kitchen cabinets. While working-someone turned on the ceiling fan, and I turned to reach for something and 2 blades cracked my head-no respect for the elderly. I stopped work, rested-but didn't sleep for 8 hours. The last 2 nights, I'm waking up really early and can't get back to sleep. Friday morning wasn't too bad, as I woke up about 4:30. This AM, my Treeing Walker smelled something and woke me up at 1:30. The hounds were bawling and baying. Usually I let them out- wait for them-call them in, and I go back to sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow--sleep problems: that can mean anything-not sleeping when you go to bed, waking up and drifting back off, can't wake up, sleep walking, tossing and turning, night sweats, restless legs, bad back, pain, -now today-snoring is a sleep problem. Now when my X snored it was a problem for me, but not him. I'm not taking any sleeping aids. I had a headache when I had the flu, but who doesn't ? I'm still somewhat congested. So-does anybody have an idea what these sites mean by sleep problems? I know everybody will tell me to go to the ER, but I never feel like sitting or lying down in a group of drunks and dope addicts that are trying to sell you their stolen goods. You get X-Rays-and your gurney is put next to one trying to sell a new hair blower for a dollar. I asked several of them why they were in the ER-so they can be fed. This is at a private hospital.
So, please-can anybody give me a clue what "SLEEP PROBLEM" means in conjunction with a concussion--- PS my ears have been ringing since I was about 6-7-- Thank you