I met my boyfriend at when I was 16 and he was 18 In 2014 we were together for a little more than one year.
I was completely inlove with him but I discovered from his friend that he had cheated on me a few months prior. I asked him and he denied it. Long story short we broke up, I asked other friends of his and knew this was 100% true because a few were on his side trying to deny it happened but got parts of their stories wrong. So 1 year goes by of him denying it which was horrible and then finally he admits it and is sorry and blames it on his friends spiking his drink. This could have been LSD or MDMA or anything like that really. He was sorry and I guess I decided after lots of time and insulting him that I could move on and forgive him. I was still In love with him and i still am. A year on he moves back to the country I live in and we get back together. So now we have been back together for 2 months everything is great he's changed in all the right ways however I still feel as though I can't trust him.

My question Is how much of an excuse are drugs, is there any way that he really couldn't process what he was doing or am I just blinded.
Some family members think me getting back with him is a bad idea but the ones that have got to know the new him accept him and are supportive of our relationship.
I love him and and will do whatever it takes to make our relationship work and he feels the same. However i would like to save myself from getting hurt again in the future.