... Revealed the liver is seen enlarged with coarse texture wavy undullating out lines / enlarged left and caudate lobes/ an ill defined faint heterogeneous patchy area is seen at the anterior segment of the right lobe being raather iso-dense in arteral phase /bieng predominately hypodense in subsequent delayed phases no ihbdd the right branch of the portal is nt seen totlly opacified? Thrombosed? Invadedd by the tumor patent homogenously enhancing portal vien its left branch mildly enlarged spleen showing homogenous texure and no focal lesions. Mildly dilated portosystmic collateral at the splenic hilum rim of fluid is seen related to the outer aspect of the liver normal ct appearance of the gall bladder , pancreas, suprarenal glands kidneys. Aora and ivc no ct evidence of pathologically enlarged abdominal lymph nodes clear scanned lung bases opnionhepatomegaly with cirrhotic texture and right heptic lobe anterior segment heterogeneous area as described. For afp and pathological corretionsuspected right portal vien thrombosis. For color doppler confirmation mild splenomegalyportal hypertension