Can you dumb it down for me quite a bit please? As I've said recently I just changed from Kadian 50mgEr x2 day to OpanaER 15mg x 2 day and have been reading more about it and it's "new" formulary. I really felt like I was taking a step up, but darn if I only want to get 10% of the effects of my meds. My dosing instructions say take on an empty stomach but I also read that you could eat a small but fatty diet or drink some grapefruit juice with your Opana to (uninhibit/block?IDK?)to the CYP450 inhibitor to get better than 10% bioavailability, so I would assume better pain relief, yes or no? Does anyone understand this and are you able to help me understand! I've only had 3 doses of the Opana So far but I am feeling worse than I was on the Kadian and that was certainly NOT the objective. I do realize that my body is going to need some time to adjust but I'm hurting and very jumpy/anxious NOT FUN!! :,(