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What does it mean when it says that a drug has a half life of 80.9 +- 7.5 minutes?

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Inactive 26 Sep 2012

Hello ksjoat. A half life is how long a period a drug remains in your body after a person has taken that particular drug. Some drugs have a long half life and remain in your body possibly even for long periods of time even weeks after having taken it. Other drugs have a fast half life and the body will break down the drug and get rid of it very quickly. So the example you gave means that the drug will remain possibly up to 88 hours or 73.4 hours. Regards pledge

Inactive 26 Sep 2012

typo* "and remain in your body for long periods of time even weeks after having taken it"

ksjoat 26 Sep 2012

So these numbers would reflect that this drug (methylprednisolone) would be detectable in your body for how long?

Inactive 26 Sep 2012

Detectable, would be the numbers that I posted. The drug certainly will be detectable. As to half life, it will have lost half of its original ... how to phrase it, half of its original strength as well.

Inactive 26 Sep 2012

The word I was seeking/looking was "effectiveness"

kaismama 26 Sep 2012

Basically that is the length of time it takes for half the medication to be excreted from your body.

Inactive 26 Sep 2012

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