Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what these phrases mean. Its on my mother's death certificate and I'd just like to know what they actually mean.
My mother suffered severe headaches and was in hospital but the doctor kept telling her it was all in her imagination and told her to go home. My father demanded a head scan,eventually the doctor said ok but when they took her to scan she collapsed and died shortly after. We've always been told she died from a brain haemorrage. Her brother and uncle died from Brain Haemorrage as well,I think they had other conditions also which I'm led to believe brought on the haemorrage.

I'd appreciate if anyone could explain these conditions to me.
My mother had my younger brother he was born prematurely, 6 months before she died I'm not sure if that's relevant. Id appreciate any info on these cobditions as its very confusing to understand when i look it up its list as:
Cause of death
A.Cerebellar Haemorrage
B.metasbatic choriocarcinoma

Thank you for any help.