Hello everyone. I need to vent, and I could use some encouragement to keep doing the right thing here. I've been dealing with a bad tooth for over a month now. It broke 3 weeks ago and the gum below it became badly infected. I really swelled up for a few days. Until I took some Amoxicillin, which helped, but the tooth needed to be pulled. I went to an oral surgeon last week but he couldn't extract a tooth from an infected gum. I never knew that. He cut my gum to drain pus out and gave me more Amox to take. He also gave me 20 Percs and I never even filled the script. Today the doctor finally removed the busted up tooth, and it sure gave him a hard time. It hurt even though I was all numbed up. He gave me more Amox and another 20 Percs. This time I filled the script. Last week, I did take 2 of the 7.5 Percs which I had saved from last year. I like to keep a few pain pills around in case of emergencies. Here's the problem. I'm on 12 mg a day of Sub. I take it for pain. I'm also opiate dependent, but I became this way because of pain, not fun and games. So last week I don't think I even felt the Percs I took at all. But worse than that was about 4 hours later I went into mild wds. Luckily I was able to get rid of them by taking extra Sub. I took it very slowly. So I know very well that a) The Percs may not even work for my pain, and b) Taking Percs will put me into wds. And I hate wds. So why did I even bother to fill the script? To top it off 1 of my pharmacists had a snide remark about me just dying to get the Percs and go take some. Which is not at all true. I just wanted these stupid pills for some dumb idiotic reason. I'm usually very good at analyzing myself, but I'm not sure why I wanted these since I don't intend to take them? Can it really be because I wanted to have them just in case this pain gets worse? That's what I'm telling myself. Can that really be the real reason? Or is there some other darker reason? I tend to think there is, but I really have no intentions of taking these pills. I feel like my dumb drug addict brain is telling me to take them, and that would be good for me. But last week they put me into wds. That is definitely NOT good for me. I also created myself a problem by getting them because now I have to keep resisting them. Maybe I wanted to see how easy or hard it would be to have them and not take them? I was hoping I wouldn't feel tempted, but I do. It's like when you're on a diet and you feel the food calling to you from another room. It's like these damn pills are talking to me. I think I am going to have to throw them away. Maybe I can keep 2 or 3. Any comments? (no nasty comments please)