I was on oxcontin until the formula change, then my life changed and not for the better. The new formula made me ill and did not work, I was unable to digest and absorb the medication. Have been on Avinza 90mg twice a day with a 60mg once a day. I was did get pain relief but felt awful, I decreased the avinza to 90mgs once a day but pain was not controlled. Doctor gave me oxyir's and increased them over a year and half that I felt so much better just taking oxyirs. While in his office last week he told me he would rx what ever amount of ir's I need but I still need a maintance med, this week he increased ms contin 30mgs twice a day to three times a day. I need to find a long acting medication that I can tolerate and is not morphine, Anybody of any suggestions. again I could do fine on just oxycodone but they don't make a good long acting anymore, boy that change messed me up big time.
Thanks guys.