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May I take 50mg of Tramadol along with 500mg of Vicodin or space an hour between?

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Inactive 2 Feb 2012

Is your body used to opiate/opioid pain meds? If you are used to these medications I would think you can take them close together, but maybe you should make it about four hours. If your body is not used to these types of meds, please do NOT take them close together.
Both, taken together could slow your central nervous system, and slow breathing.
Best wishes

bucci5 3 Feb 2012

Thank you for your response. I am very used to vicodin but tramadol is new for me. I did end up taking both and I did just fine. Surgery is tomorrow so i won't be on them too much longer.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

tlcandmore 2 Feb 2012

Hi Bucci,
I'm hoping that is a typo. 500mg of Vicodin would probably be a lethal dose unless my brain is not working this morning. 5 10mg Vicodin is 50mg so 500mg would mean taking 50. Did you mean 50mg? Best wishes.
Your friend -Terri-

Inactive 2 Feb 2012

She probably meant 5/500 or something. Can't believe it would be 500 either. Glad you caught that! I didn't... Mary

tlcandmore 2 Feb 2012

Oh Mary - I'm sure that's what it is. Like I said my brain was foggy this morning. Sure hope that's what she meant. Have a great evening sweetie.
Big hugs -Terri-

Inactive 2 Feb 2012

You too! Better late than never! Hugs... Mary

bucci5 3 Feb 2012

haha... no I meant 500mg. I did take it and I did just fine. The tramadol is new for me but I am planning on not having to take anymore pain pills after next week.

Thank you for responding.

Inactive 3 Feb 2012

bucci, that is way too high a dose to be taking. It could slow your breathing & you could just stop breathing. Did you take more than prescribed? I've never heard of any doctor prescribing 500mg of vicodin at one dose. You could have killed yourself... Mary free discount card

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